$1,5M in Weekly Guarantees

Take a seat at poker tables every day of the week to cash in on $1,5 million in guaranteed weekly prize pools. Bodog offers a wide variety of daily guaranteed tournaments with a full range of buy-ins. Download poker software and select the online poker tournament that’s right for you.
Work your way up to the Sunday $100K and hit the felt in Bodog’s biggest and longest running weekly tournament. Whatever your playing level, you could be taking home a $30K pay day this Sunday. The entire week is jam packed with great tournament options, and with guaranteed prize pools of over $460K on Sunday alone, you won’t want to miss out on a second of the action.
Featured Daily Guaranteed Tournaments:
TournamentTime (ET)Buy in
$4,000 Guaranteed SS7:00 AM$55
$1,500 Guaranteed Omaha H/L (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)8:05 AM$33
$2,000 Guaranteed ($25 Knockout)9:00 AM$82
$3,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)2:00 PM$33
$2,000 Guaranteed SS4:00 PM$55
$500 Guaranteed (Hundredaire Maker DS)6:30 PM$7.70
$4,000 Guaranteed (SS 15-Minute Levels)7:00 PM$33
$25,000 Guaranteed SS8:00 PM$55
$10,000 Guaranteed8:55 PM$109
$4,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)9:00 PM$22
$8,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)9:15 PM$55
$1,000 Guaranteed (Turbo 10K Chips)9:30 PM$3.30
$10,000 Guaranteed (10K Chips 10-Minute Levels)10:00 PM$109
$2,500 Guaranteed10:15 PM$11
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12 Days of Turbos

12 Days of Turbos is back and this year there are guaranteed over $1,000,000 in prizes! It all gets underway November 28 and leads up to a $200,000 Main Event. This is the real deal to boost your holiday bankroll and even have a little play cash left over!
Qualifiers start November 28 for only $1 and $200,000 Main Event is on December 10 at 5:12 PM ET. Buy in directly for $450 or qualify for less.

It’s the last Bodog poker series of 2017

You can buy-in directly or you can qualify – and qualifying for the 12 DAYS OF TURBOS is super easy. Head over to poker software where you’ll find qualifying events starting at only $1.
As an added bonus, if you’re looking to raise the stakes, our regular $100k guaranteed weekly tournaments will be $112k guaranteed until the end of the 12 DAYS OF TURBOS poker series.

What you need to know about Bodog’s 12 DAYS OF TURBOS:

Over $1 million in guaranteed prizes
Runs from November 28 to December 13
Qualifiers are already underway and you can buy-in starting from only $1
During 12 DAYS OF TURBOS our $100K GTD weekly events will become $112K GTD
50 events in total
$200K Main Event is December 10 @ 5:12 PM ET (buy-ins from $13.20 to $450)
Full events schedule on casinos main page - under poker tournaments tab (see all) - Over $1Million GTD

Playing poker with friends is awesome. Beating your friends at poker – is even better! Did you know that for every friend you refer to Bodog you can pocket an easy $100? Plus there’s no limit to how many friends you can refer. It’s easy money and bragging rights too. Do it.
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Nightly Major Tournaments

Hit the felt in Bodog’s biggest daily tournaments every night of the week. Simply download poker software, pick the nightly major tournament that’s right for you, and play for your share of big-time nightly action.
To get your cut of Bodog’s biggest nightly prize pool, hit the felt in our $25,000 Guaranteed SS at 8:00 PM ET. We also recommend you try out some of other great options featured in the table below:
Nightly Major Tournaments
TournamentTime (ET)Buy in
$25,000 Guaranteed SS8:00 PM$55
$8,000 Guaranteed DS 8:30 PM$11
$12,000 Guaranteed8:55 PM$109
$10,000 Guaranteed SS 9:00 PM$22
$15,000 Guaranteed9:15 PM$55
$10,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS8:55 PM$109
$10,000 Guaranteed(10K Chips)10:15 PM$11
$5,000 Guaranteed Turbo11:00 PM$33
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$2,017 Monthly Freeroll Poker Series

2017’s off to a great start with year-long Monthly Freeroll Poker Series. The free buy-in tourneys run the first Tuesday of every month, starting Jan 3, 2017 at 9:05 PM ET, and players can score a piece of $2,017 guaranteed.
It’s casino's way of showing appreciation for Bodog’s stellar players – so come celebrate the New Year with Bodog and hit the felt for your cut of the prize money.
Make sure to register under the Special tab in the Tournaments Lobby and the password for each tournament is: Free17.
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Turbo Tournaments

Bodog offers a wide variety of fast-paced poker tournaments every day, with blinds increasing every three to six minutes and a full spectrum of starting chips. Pick up even more speed in hyper and super turbo tournaments where the blinds increase even faster. Below is a list of some of turbo tournament options. Download the poker software to see full schedule.
Featured Daily Turbo Tournaments
TournamentTime (ET)Buy in
$3,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS2:00 PM$11
$1,000 Guaranteed Rebuy (Action Hour Turbo)3:30 PM$2.20
$3,000 Guaranteed Turbo5:30 PM$27.50
$3,000 Guaranteed (Turbo Rebuy)9:25 PM$3.30
$2,000 Guaranteed (Super Knockout Turbo)9:45 PM$22
$10,000 Guaranteed (Turbo SS)10:00 PM$109
$5,000 Guaranteed Turbo SS11:00 PM$33
$5,000 Guaranteed (Turbo)12:00 PM$11
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$100K Guaranteed Poker Tournament

It’s easy to get in on Bodog's biggest and longest running tournament of the week. The $100K Guaranteed goes down every Sunday afternoon at 4 PM ET. It offers up a guaranteed prize pool of at least $100,000 and our first place winner walks away with a minimum of $20,000.
Getting your cut of the cash is easy. Pick your level of qualifying tournament to compete in and work your way up to the $100K Guaranteed tournament on Sunday. Regardless of your poker experience, you have a chance to win your cut of an amazing prize pool.
Qualify for Bodog's $100K Guaranteed Tournament
Choose your qualifying path to Bodog's $100K Guaranteed tournament going down at 4 PM ET every Sunday. Play your way in through cheap seat events for as low as $1 or qualify through last chance qualifying tournaments to win your seat in the $100K Guaranteed. You can also choose to bypass the qualifiers and buy in to the tournament directly for $162. Register now for next Sunday’s $100K Guaranteed tournament or qualifiers under the $100K Guaranteed tab in the Scheduled Tournaments lobby.
TournamentTime (ET)Buy in
$100K Cheap SeatsDaily at 12:40 AM, 3:40 AM, and 7:40 AM$1+$0
$100K Special Qualifier 10 Seats GuaranteedSaturdays at 2:10 PM$18 + $1.80
$100K Special Qualifier 50 Seats GuaranteedSundays at 2:10 PM$20 + $2
$100K Semifinal 5 Seats GuaranteedThursday - Saturday at 8:40 PM PM$20 + $2
$100K Quarterfinal 1 Seat Guaranteed (Turbo)Saturday and Sunday at 2:40 PM$5 + $0.50
$100K SemifinalDaily at 4:40 AM and 9:40 AM, Thursday - Saturday at 10:10 PM, Sundays at 1:10 PM$16 + $1
$100K Semifinal (Turbo)Sundays at 2:40 PM$16 + $1
$100K Semifinal (Rebuy)Friday - Sunday at 11:40 AM$7 + $0.70
$100K Semifinal (DS)Saturday at 3:40 PM$35 + $3.50
$100K Last Chance QualifierSundays at 2:46 PM$7 + $0.70
$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)Sundays at 3:06 PM$10 + $1
$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)Sundays at 3:26 PM$16 + $0.80
$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)Sundays at 3:46 PM$20 + $1
$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)Sundays at 4:06 PM$25 + $1.25
$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)Sundays at 4:26 PM$30 + $1.50
$100K Last Chance Qualifier (Hyper Turbo)Sundays at 4:36 PM$40 + $2
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Have fun and build your bankroll with Bodog’s popular, fast-paced sit-and-go tournaments running non-stop in our poker software. Choose between Texas Hold’em and Omaha and select the number of players you want in your tournament. Try out all our different sit-and-go tournament types below with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $200.
Deep Stack: Start off with double the starting chips.
Satellite: Win your way into a bigger tournament.
Turbo: Crank up the speed and watch the blinds go up faster.
Double Up: Survive half the field and double your buy-in.
Triple Up: Place in the top third to triple your buy-in.
Hyper Turbo: Play in our fastest tournament type.
Find the tournament that’s right for you and hit the felt to find out why our sit-and-go tournaments are so popular. After downloading our poker software, register for the sit-and-go tournament of your choice running non-stop at Bodog. Go back to our tournaments page to browse through our full selection of tournaments options
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