bwin poker tournaments

The Frenzy Has Begun!

TGIF! Friday’s here and even the King and Queen are going wild for the cash frenzy!
Head to casino's cash tables every Friday and you can bag yourself a piece of the $1,250 prize in the special Friday Frenzy Leaderboard!
Getting into the cash couldn’t be easier. For every 5 hands you play where the minimum you bet is $0.10 per hand, you’ll earn 1 point.
Climb the Leaderboard rankings to be among the top 500 players and earn yourself a stab at the cash.
How it works:
- Play any poker cash games for real-money stakes on mobile or via the download client to collect points.
- Earn a cash prize according to your position on the daily Leaderboard rankings.
- Check the promotion via your “Promotions” section in the download poker client to view your current position in the Leaderboard rankings.
Promotion details:
Dates: Every Friday
Type: Points Promotion
Games: All poker games
Prizes: $1,250 in cash per week
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Cash Games Challenge

Cash Is Where the Money Is!
Get a poker Bonus worth up to $40 a week simply by playing your favourite cash games.
Let’s go back to the basics: leave the frantic pace of fastforward poker and hour-long tournaments to others, this promotion is for the players who appreciate the purity of good old cash game tables.
How it works:
Opt in for this promotion, choose your favourite cash game (Casual Cash Games included), take a seat and play between 4 and 7 days a week to secure a nice boost to your bankroll. The following table shows how big your bonus will be depending on the amount of time you play.
Don’t forget to opt in every week!
Promotion details:
Dates: Monday to Sunday
Type: Points Promotion
Games: Cash Games (excluding fastforward tables)
Prizes: A poker bonus worth up to $40 per week
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Ultimate Cash Games Challenge

Do you have what it takes to compete in the Ultimate Cash Game Challenge? Up to $400 in bonuses are up for grabs each week. Prove that you have the right skills and mindset to compete in the ultimate challenge!
Go back to the roots of online poker and enjoy your favourite cash game tables (Casual Cash Games included) on 4 to 7 days this week. Give your bankroll the ultimate boost!
The following table will show you the pay-out for doing what you love most: playing poker for hard cash!
Opt in every week and don’t miss out on this ultimate bonus offer!
Promotion details:
Dates: Monday to Sunday
Type: Points Promotion
Games: Cash Games (excluding fastforward tables)
Prizes: A poker bonus worth up to $400 every week
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Ultimate Weigh-in

Can you become a poker champion?
New poker tournament calendar is here and the theme is all about boxing.
Join in the action in the weight class of your bankroll, show your moves in the ring and land truly big hands. Let your rivals hit the felt until only your chip stack remains standing in triumph.
Check out poker tournament calendar and face The Ultimate Weigh-in!
Enter the ring of bwin poker tables now!
Find the perfect tournament for your weight class:
- Flyweight up to $2,20 Buy-in
- Featherweight up to $11 buy-in
- Middleweight up to $55 buy-in
- Heavyweight up to $109 buy-in
- High Roller
Promotion details:
Runs: Every day
Type: Scheduled tournaments
Games: No Limit Hold'em, Pot Limit Omaha, Fixed Limit 7-Card Stud
Prizes: More than $1.2 million guaranteed
Full schedule can be find on bwin Poker under "Pomotion" - "Ultimate Wrigh-in" tab

Heavyweight – Title Fight! $300k Gtd!

Are you ready for the Heavyweight Title Fight?
Prove you’re king of the ring! Get ready to grab your share of a guaranteed 300,000 and secure your place in the ring every Sunday at 20:00 (CET) with a $215 buy-in!
Cement your place in poker history! Let your poker prowess show that you’re the main contender, take the fight to the title and duke it out every Sunday to defend your title!
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Heavyweight Main Event

Will you be a Heavyweight champion?
If you are a true Poker player, you don’t go down without a fight. For this tournament, you’ll have to land the knockout blow. Every Sunday the Heavyweight: The Main Event - $150,000 Gtd tournament takes place at 20:00 CET. bwin Poker guarantees an amazing prize pool of $150,000 every week.
Enter the ring and register straight away for $109 or play one of the daily qualifiers starting with a buy-in of $0.01. It’s up to you whether you take the easy road or the long road to become a Heavyweight champion. Just check out the tournament tab in the poker clients now and make your choice.
This is no ordinary online tournament. It is your chance to become a main event name in poker. A name people will remember, because victories come and go...but a legend lasts forever!
Here’s how to play:
- Launch the bwin Poker client.
- Select “Featured tournaments” from the category column.
- Look for “Heavyweight: The Main Event - $150,000 Gtd” or associated qualifiers.
- Register for your chosen tournament.
Promotion details:
Date: Every Sunday
Start Time: 20:00 (CET)
Game Type: No Limit Texas Hold’em
Buy-in: $109
Prizepool: $150,000
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Sit & Go Hero

New format: Sit & Go Hero
Some superheroes can fly, others climb up walls in freaky costumes.
Sit & Go Hero has a special superpower: boosting prize pools!
A 4-handed bounty Sit & Go format with a twist
There’s the chance to play for a prize pool worth up to 10,000 times your buy-in. The prize pool and which player the bounty will be placed will be drawn randomly.
Sit & Go Hero Details:
- Buy-ins: $1 – $100, the random draw will start when the table is full.
- The total prize pool can be anything from double to 10,000 times your buy-in.
- The main part of the prize will be in the prize pool. Additionally, there’s a bounty placed on a random player.
In most cases, only the winner gets paid. If the total prize pool is 100 times the buy-in or more, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place will also be in the money.
Promotion details:
Runs: 24/7
Buy-in: $1 – $20
Type: Sit & Go Hero
Prizes: Up to 10,000 times your buy-in
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Progressive Knockouts

Progressive Knockout tournaments, or Progressive KOs, are action-packed tourneys where you can win hundreds or even thousands of dollars at any moment! For every player you eliminate, you’ll win a cash prize and your own bounty will increase, leading to a frantic finish where every hand can mean mega bucks.
Progressive KOs are already running on desktop and they will be available on mobile soon so watch this space!
Check out the table below for the schedule from Monday – Saturday, including the progressive bounty you’ll earn for each successful elimination:
Time CETMTCT NameStarting BountyProgressive BountyTotal Buy-in
15:00$1,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Featherweight$2.50$1.25$5.50
15:00$2,500 Gtd - Progressive KO: Middleweight$10$5$22
15:00$10,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Heavyweight$50$25$109
On Sunday things go even juicier with bigger guarantees for the same buy-ins:
Time CETMTCT NameStarting BountyProgressive BountyTotal Buy-in
15:00$2,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Featherweight$2.50$1.25$5.50
15:00$3,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Middleweight$10$5$22
15:00$15,000 Gtd - Progressive KO: Heavyweight$50$25$109
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Sit & Go Challenge

The longer you hang in, the bigger your reward!
Spice up your play and go for some extra rewards with our Sit & Go Challenge. Collect points on several days of the week and grab up to $40 in bonuses for your efforts!
The challenge is pretty straight forward: Meet the requirements shown in the table below and the bonus is yours. Take a seat on the Sit & Go tables now!
- Runs: Monday to Sunday
- Prizes: A poker bonus worth up to $40 per week
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Daily Freeroll

Sit back and enjoy Daily Freeroll with a chance to win tournament tickets in a staggering $1,000 weekly prize pool. You can do so every day of the week:
- Monday – Friday: Daily Freeroll at 20:00 (CEST) with a prize pool of $100 added per day
- Saturday – Sunday: Daily Freeroll at 20:00 (CEST) with an increased prize pool of $250 added per day
Promotion details:
- Date: Daily
- Type: Freeroll at 20:00 (CEST)
- Game: Scheduled tournaments
- Prizes: Tournament tickets worth $1,000 per week
Here’s how to take part:
- Log in to your account using your user ID.
- Select “Tournaments” and browse for the “Daily Freeroll”.
- Find the tournament you would like to take part in and click ‘Register’.
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